Current Board Members & Committee Chairs

Board Members:

  • President – Anthony Ware
  • Vice President – Quincy Eassa
  • Secretary – Stephen Mahlum
  • Treasurer – Barbara Townsend
  • Director (3 Years) – Jeanne Gilmore
  • Director (2 Years) – Kevin Creighton
  • Director (1 Year) – Carole Catlett
Frequently Asked Questions
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Annual dues are $95, payable by the end of April of each year. The funds are used for:

  • Maintenance and electricity of the entrance to the neighborhood.
  • Maintenance and repairs of the IFCA-owned lake access lot.
  • Liability insurance for the lake access lot and the IFCA Corporation & Board of Directors.
  • Island Forest Community Association sponsored activities.

Members who do not pay their annual dues will not be eligible to use the access lot.

The Island Forest Community Association owns a lake access lot located on Montcalm Court. It is available to members who have paid their $95 annual dues.

Call Barbara Townsend at 703.201.7335 to get a key for the access lot gate.

*Please note there is a $25.00 fee for a key and your annual dues must be current.

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